Corporate Services

Corporate Services include:

All parties have the benefit of our luxury 8.2m air conditioned trailer with enough room for 24 guests seated on our luxurious stadium seating.  There are 5 x 55″ flat screen televisions all linked together with the latest consoles, 5 Xbox One’s, 4 x PS4s, 1 PS4 Pro, 4 x Nintendo Wii Us and 2 PS4 VR’s.  Ghostly Games Entertainment have multiple controllers so no one will be left out.  There are a wide variety of games for all age groups across all platforms.  There is an “Action Station” area with a 55″ television for dance games or if you are “game” try the VR experience.  We have 2 designated driving seats equipped with steering wheel, gear shift and accelerators, breaks and clutches set up for you to pit your driving skills against each other using Virtual Reality technology.  We also have a wonderful Dj who has won competitions in Brisbane for his scratching abilities, he can arrange a variety of music for you as requested.  If you have the room and you would like to have some outdoor fun, I would highly recommend Laser Tag.  We have the latest technology for the Laser Tag guns, just released in the US.  There are 16 taggers in total (8 per team), including bunkers and respawn points, perfect for team building.  Please see the Laser Tag link.