Ghostly Games Entertainment seriously starting to keep remote community business’s in mind. We have now have the privilege to access to a very “COOL” and super keen Snow Cone Van business partner. With this available, if you are an event manager or a super keen parent that wants one Massive “Cool” party, please don’t hesitate and contact us to discuss your options with the Game Trailer and a super “chill” Snow Cone Van.

Snow Cone Logo

The big advantage is that you can organise a large portion of entertainment and cater for some nice cool refreshment stores from one convenient location. Contact us now for find out more! Or you can simply book and ask for the addition of the snow cone van there.

Please Note: this is entirly pending on the “availablility” of the Snow Cone van on the time of booking.

Check out the snow cone Van!

They have a large range of colours and flavours to choose from, such as lemon, blueberry, raspberry, coke and much much more!

If you don’t want to bother with a mobile game theatre and just want the snow cone van alone, please contact the business owner (Michael) on 0413 497 366, or email him

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