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The COVID Safe Check List document is to provide a strict set of guidelines for the Ghostly Game Entertainment Business to qualify for COVID Safe Compliant obligations within accordance to the current QLD State Government COVID Safe regulations.

All regulations and restrictions are sourced from the Queensland Australian Government website. All resources are listed below:

Current Urgent COVID-19 updates


Health Minister Restrictions on Businesses, Activities and Undertakings Direction (No. 5)


Approved COVID Safe industry Plans – resource for COVID checklist, plans and COVID Compliance Statements


Road map for Change to Restrictions in Queensland


Downloadable COVID Compliance Documentation

Queensland Government COVID Safe Check List

Queensland Government COVID Statement Of Compliance

Scanned Ghostly Games COVID Compliance

PDF version of Ghostly Games COVID Compliance document

COVID Participation List Template

Updated COVID Cancellation Policies

COVID Cancellation policies can be located on our “Deposit and Cancellation Policy Page“.

Update Frequency of COVID Safe Compliance

This section will need to be constantly reviewed with the following occurrences:

  • If any Urgent COVID-19 update is announced by the Queensland Health Authorities
  • If no urgent update is provided – this document will be reviewed on a weekly basis to comply with the “Small Business COVID Safe Compliance” regulations

The updates are sourced from the above official Queensland Government COVID links to continually comply with COVID Safe Regulations.


The following abbreviations are as follows

Mobile Game Theatre – MGT

Laser Tag  – LT

Ghostly Games Entertainment – GGE This document will be aimed very much at the MGT side of the business, as this is deemed to be a “Restricted Business Activity” due to the close proximity of patrons within the MGT unit. LT has its compliance checks but not restricted due to the larger proximity area this business can operate in.

Ghostly Games Entertainment COVID Compliance

Wellbeing and Expectance of Workers – section 1

  • Workers must stay at home if they are sick, and to go home immediately if they become unwell. They must seek COVID-19 testing if they have any symptoms of acute respiratory disease (cough, sore throat, shortness of breath) or a fever or history of fever. They must remain in isolation at home until they get the result and it is negative for COVID-19.
  • COVID safe masks must be worn by the GGE operative/helper to assist with the reduction of COVID virus spread to other patrons from within the MGT – patrons are allowed to “not” wear masks within the MGT but must comply with the “Social Distancing Rules” and “Record Keeping” rules (see sections 2 and 3)
  • If two workers are present, one must either be within the MGT or be present outside to provide adequate spacing within. This can be monitored by the “maximum number of patrons” within the MGT (stated at section 2)
  • Workers “must” ensure that each patron entering within the MGT have their “hands sanitised” and confirm the patron is not showing any COVID like symptoms (ie, coughing, headaches, uncontrollable sneezing) – GGE Workers retains the “right” to disallow patrons to enter the MGT if they deem the patron is ill. (see section 2)
  • Workers “must” perform cleaning tasks after each and every event. (see section 4)
  • Workers must gain from the “host” a COVID list form, naming the patrons that have entered within the MGT (noted in section 3)
  • GGE will place COVID-19 signs and posters to remind workers and patrons the risks involved with the spread of COVID-19.

Social Distancing – section 2

Mobile Game Theatre has a room diameter of 21.6 meters squared.

To maintain compliance with the social distancing requirements, GEE will need to comply with the following:

  • Signs placed at entry points to instruct GGE customers/patrons not to enter within the MGT if they are unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms. This sign will show patrons that GGE Workers/Helpers have the right to refuse service and must insist that anyone with these symptoms leaves the MGT immediately to help stop the spread of potential infections. (see section 1)
  • Provide customers with an option to use both entry points (front door and back door) if safe to do so. If the MGT is situated within a busy road area (ie main road) the back door will not be safe as a second exit point. The GGE worker can advise if the back door is deemed safe to use on the day of service.
  • Patrons must be seated at all times when within the MGT. To comply with spacing, patrons will need to seat roughly a meter apart if able.
  • Game Controllers are covered with rubber coating. This can be removed and cleaned after an event to reduce the spread of infections.
  • NO DANCING – this is strictly prohibited by the COVID Safe regulators. Also, no JUMPING, RUNNING or FIGHTING is allowed from within the MGT as well.

Record Keeping – section 3

GGE will ensure that we collect and keep contact information for ALL customers, workers and contractors, including full name, email address (residential address if not available), phone number, date of entry and time period of patronage for contact tracing purposes for a period of 56 days (unless otherwise specified).

These records are used only for the purposes of tracing COVID-19 infections and are captured and stored confidentially and securely.

All hosts should expect to receive a COVID Participation List for the host to fill out and provide back to GGE prior to the event starting. This list will have the following fields to fill out:

  • Name of participant
  • Email Address
  • Contact Phone number
  • Date of arrival/participated (Host can update the date at the top if need be)
  • Signature of care giver/participant

Hygiene and Cleaning – section 4

GGE always have great hygiene and cleaning practices in place to operate our business with. And now, even more so to uphold our ongoing responsibility to continue keeping our MGT and LT services clean and safe for everyone. Indicating below will need to be covered for COVID Safe Compliance.

  • All GGE workers to practise good hygiene by frequently cleaning their hands. Hand washing should take at least 20 to 30 seconds. Wash the whole of each hand, covering all areas with soap before washing with water. If hand washing is not practical, alcohol-based hand sanitiser containing at least 60% ethanol or 70% iso-propanol is provided within the GGE MTG cabinets.
  • All patrons “must” either wash their hands prior to entering the MGT, or use appropriate alcohol-based hand sanitiser provided by the GGE Worker. GGE will strive to always have hand sanitisers available within the MGT (pending on supply if out of stock). If in an event that GGE does not have adequate hand sanitisers available, the patron then “must” wash their hands adequately prior to entering inside the MGT.
  • We do not accept anyone bringing in their own controllers or equipment into the MGT.
  • Workers are required after every event to thoroughly clean the following touched surfaces or items from within the MGT or LT event with anti-bacterial disinfectant wipes; All game controllers that were used, all seating areas (MGT Stadium seating), TV’s, entry door handles and Laser Tagger equipment.
  • GGE does not permit any food or drink items inside the MGT, GGE workers have the “right” to refuse patrons entry if they have these items in their possession.

Review and Monitor – section 5

This page will be under constant review to ensure that our business complies with the COVID Safe Standards as directed by the Queensland Health and Safety Authorities.

  • Regular reviews will be part of this document. It can be reviewed and suggest follow up changes when required by the Health and Safety authorities, GGE client health authorities and GGE owner. This is to ensure that this is consistent with current directions and advice by our health authorities.
  • This Plan is a key part of the WHS COVID Safe Plan, as outlined on the WorkSafe website.
  • This will be provided or produced if requested from a relevant compliance/enforcement officer. This may include an electronic copy of the form.
  • Keep up to date and find additional guidance at www.covid19.qld.gov.au and www.worksafe.qld.gov.au.
  • Employees with general work-related complaints can call WHS Queensland on 1300 362 128.
  • Business owners that would like to better understand their WHS duties regarding COVID-19 can call 1300 005 018 or their union or industry association.
  • Customers who have concerns about whether a business is complying with the checklist can call 134 COVID (13 42 68)