Mobile Game Theatre – Where up to 20 players can interact as a team or against each other in our custom built video gaming theatre. Below are some finer details on what to expect inside the trailer.

8.2m x 2.4m of Gaming Heaven – Truck and trailer combination is 13.5m (we remain attached)

All the latest consoles – 5 x Xbox One, 4 x Nintendo Wii Us, 4 x PS4 and 2 x PS4 VR

Stadium Seating (2 levels, Seats up to 24)

“Action Station” for dancing, sports games and VR (Race Seat)

Multicolour party lights inside including laser light show

Exterior under-glow led lights

Fully self-powered (commercial generator)

Climate Controlled (2 A/C units)

4 – 55″ HD Screens and 1 – 60″ HD Screen inside the trailer

Surround soundbars

Over 70 Multi-player games including multiple copies of  Minecraft (24 can play), Halo 4 (16 can play), Mario Kart 8, Nintendoland and Super Smash Bros Wii U(8 can play each), Call of Duty (8 can play), Just Dance (unlimited) and soooo many more.

Below is a nice little tour video of our trailer if you like a nice sneak peek 🙂

GG Trailer