Brisbane No 1 Mobile Game Theatre

Mobile Game Theatre – Where up to 20 players can interact as a team or against each other in our custom built video gaming theatre. Below are some finer details on what to expect inside the trailer.

8.2m x 2.4m of Gaming Heaven – Truck and trailer combination is 13.5m (we remain attached)

All the latest consoles – 5 x Xbox One, 4 x Nintendo Wii Us, 4 x PS4 and 2 x PS4 VR

Stadium Seating (2 levels, Seats up to 24)

Ghostly Games Stadium Seating
Stadium Seating you can count on

“Action Station” for dancing, sports games and VR (Race Seat)

Multicolour party lights inside including laser light show

Exterior under-glow led lights

Fully self-powered (commercial generator)

Climate Controlled (2 A/C units)

Surround soundbars

Groovy Under Glow Lighting

Interior under-glow led lights

We bring the ghostly to you!

5 – 55″ HD Screens and HD Screen inside the trailer

Over 70 Multi-player games including multiple copies of  Minecraft (24 can play), Halo 4 (16 can play), Mario Kart 8, Nintendoland and Super Smash Bros Wii U(8 can play each), Call of Duty (8 can play), Just Dance (unlimited) and soooo many more.