Brisbane No 1 Mobile Game Theatre

Are you looking for a unique way to get your guests engaged in a merry party game without causing a fuss? Then look no further than the Brisbane Ghostly Games party bus. Here you will find the perfect combination of active and entertaining games that your kids will love to play with their friends.

Our game trailers have multiple consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X, and PS4 Pro. There are games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Super Mario, and 150 other games your kids will love.

One of the most exciting features of the Brisbane Ghostly Games bus is that each of the buses is decked out with several VR systems that have been specially prepared for your child to enjoy. The kids game bus is the ultimate setting for a fun-filled family experience.

The kids’ party bus hire also comes with the latest video games, which are designed to keep your kids occupied for hours on end. There are several kids games like “Minecraft”, which is like a creative design/adventure game and allows your kids to express their styles of play.

The Brisbane kids party game bus also comes with an added laser tag feature that your kids can play in both the interior and exterior of the bus. Some of the games include “capture the flag”, “team shootout”, and “free-for-all”. We will also play feature songs, as well as special effects, like sound effects, vibration when being hit and more!

So, if you are looking for a unique way to get your guests involved in a mobile game bus with VR, laser tag and 150+ other games, then look no further than the Ghostly Games Brisbane kids game bus. Here you will find the perfect combination of active and entertaining games that your kids will love to play with their friends.

The buses are decorated in a lively and vibrant disco theme; the interior features comfortable seating and disco lights with flat-screen gaming options. The doors are fully insulated to allow for air-con optimisation.

Each of the buses is equipped with air conditioning and ample power outlets. The trailers are insulated for loud noises so that parents won’t have to hear the gaming from the kids. They also have large windows, so that you and your guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding them.

We recommend that you call the company and schedule a time to inspect the bus before you bring it to your location. This way, you can verify that it has all of the amenities that you are looking for, and be assured that your kids will enjoy playing along with you, too.

Mobile Game Theatre – Up to 20 players interact as a team or against each other in our custom-built video gaming theatre.

Below are some finer details on what to expect inside the trailer.

8.2m x 2.4m of Gaming Heaven – Truck and trailer combination is 13.5m (we remain attached)

video games on the flatscreen TVs inside the gaming truck
All kinds of games available on our flat screens

All the latest consoles – 5 x Xbox One, 4 x Nintendo Wii Us, 4 x PS4 and 2 x PS4 VR

Stadium Seating (2 levels, Seats up to 24)

Ghostly Games Stadium Seating
Soft stadium seating guaranteed comfort

“Action Station” for dancing, sports games and VR (Race Seat)

Multicolour party lights inside including laser light show

Exterior under-glow led lights

Fully self-powered (commercial generator)

Climate Controlled (2 A/C units)

Surround soundbars

Inside of the gaming truck with fornite and call of duty games on the screens
Groovy Under Glow Lighting

Interior under-glow led lights

call of duty and fortnite games on display inside the gaming truck
We bring the ghostly to you!

5 – 55″ HD Screens and HD Screen inside the trailer

Over 70 Multi-player games including multiple copies of  Minecraft (24 can play), Halo 4 (16 can play), Mario Kart 8, Nintendoland and Super Smash Bros Wii U(8 can play each), Call of Duty (8 can play), Just Dance (unlimited) and soooo many more.

Image of video game characters in video games available in gaming consoles.