Here at Ghostly Games Entertainment, to secure the booking we require the user to place a 50% initial deposit of the booking price. There will then follow-up email/call to host to complete the full payment one week before the event. The host will need to pay 100% of the amount (minus any coupon discounts applied if applicable) before 3 days prior to the event, otherwise, Ghostly Games has the authority of cancelling the event and retrieve 100% of the paid deposit due to client negligence to payment.


If an event of the customer has to cancel the party the customer has two options:

  • The first option is to contact the Ghostly Games representative to reorganise party date – this is subject to availability of the date selected, no extra charges will be applied to securing a different date
  • Second is to cancel altogether and may incur a forfeit charge on the deposit that had been paid

If in an event of cancellation below are the date terms and the forfeit charge percent amount:

  • 100% of deposit is refunded 1 month prior to booking
  • 50% of deposit is refunded 3 weeks prior to booking
  • 20% of deposit is refunded 2 weeks prior to booking
  • ZERO deposit is refunded if cancelled 1 week prior booking

Cancellation due to COVID-19

COVID-19 has an impact on everyone’s lives, either positive or negative, we all must “adapted” to these new conditions. The following COVID conditions are amended from the cancellation policy above:

  • If event cancellation was caused by a “COVID lockdown” and the party host or Ghostly Games representative can no longer service the event – 100% of the deposit amount will be refunded back to the host (no matter what time or day of the month of cancellation)
  • If event cancellation was caused by COVID but Ghostly Games is still able to attend the event (with COVID compliance in place) – the host will need to forfeit their deposit in accordance to the cancellation policy above. This includes but not limited to situations like a reduced number of patrons allowed, or COVID lockdown scare messages.

More information in regards to Ghostly Games Entertainment COVID Compliance can be found here.

If you have any questions in regards to Deposit or Payment systems please don’t hesitate and contact us via email on

By Submitting Payment you agree to these terms.