Here at Ghostly Games Entertainment, to secure the booking we require the user to place a 50% initial deposit of the booking price. There will then follow-up call to host to complete the full payment one week before the event. The host will need to pay 100% of the amount (minus any coupon discounts applied if applicable) before 3 days prior to the event, otherwise, Ghostly Games has the authority of cancelling the event and retrieve 100% of the paid deposit due to client negligence to payment.

If an event of the customer has to cancel the party the customer has two options:

  • The first option is to contact the Ghostly Games representative to reorganise party date – this is subject to availability of the date selected, no extra charges will be applied to securing a different date
  • Second is to cancel altogether and may incur a forfeit charge on the deposit that had been paid

If in an event of cancellation below are the date terms and the forfeit charge percent amount:

  • 100% of deposit is refunded 1 month prior to booking
  • 50% of deposit is refunded 3 weeks prior to booking
  • 20% of deposit is refunded 2 weeks prior to booking
  • ZERO deposit is refunded if cancelled 1 week prior booking

If you have any questions in regards to Deposit or Payment systems please don’t hesitate and contact us here.

By Submitting Payment you agree to these terms.