Hit Confirmation

Audible confirmation every time you hit or kill another player allowing very immersive game play just like your favourite video games.

Powerful and Intuitive Programming

Software so easy and powerful a 12-year-old can run all aspects of the game. Allowing you the freedom and flexibility to generate a once in a lifetime game experience!

Real Time Scoring

Just like the videos games! Check hit, kills, who is winning, ammo, accuracy, team lives and deaths and many more feature pack stats both on the guns and on the game kiosks live during your mission!

In-Game Handicapping

Revolution has the power to change any laser tag player at any time to be able to game balance. The referee mode has features like Stealth Kill, Weapons Jam, or Stun so instant team balancing can be subtle while protecting the overall experience.

Unlimited Game Types

Thousands of game and gun types can be configured and broadcasted to the battlefield in seconds. Only limited by your creativity.  Power programming allows you to save your favourites and transmit them to any player, team or battlefield with a simple radio command!

Bringing in diversity to every game!.

In-Gun Game Management System

Every Gun can be managed before during and after by being in Edit Mode or Referee Control mode on any tagger. Giving you the power to change any variable of game play and all the Referee tools to manage during missions

Kill Streaks

In game Kill Streaks announced on your gun! Truly immersive and enhances the experience.

Arcade Mode

Allows you to toggle your equipment from Real Mil-Sim to Video Game Play with a single click of a button on the Game Master Controller. Many younger people love the hit feedback and kill

streaks, but hardcore Mil-Sim prefers to be as real as it can get! Arcade Mode gives you the best of both worlds.

Arcade mode allows you to utilize our” kill streaks” feature with in-game messaging by both sounds or display. The message can be configured for kids or adults the message for adults and children. When players eliminate a player, the tagger gives instant hit feedback. As they eliminate more players they earn. “double kill” and “triple kill” messages just like the video games! It is truly impressive and fully immersive.

Night Mode

Ghostly Games night mode allows you to have a fun, interactive game without having to worry about people getting lost in the dark. Players while alive head sensors pulse quickly at full health! As players start losing health the headset will strobe slower giving them a better chance to survive! Why not add a DJ to your night show too!

Zombie Mode Live!!

Zombie Mode Live is a fully interactive immersive gaming experience. Players have to use locators to find their way to checkpoints trying not be eaten by three unique types of Zombies!! Players can level up their weapon as they reach checkpoints and defeat interlinked fully automated sentry pods that shoot back! When the sentry pods are deactivated players are given powered up weapons until they are deactivated and have to go beck to Medic Respawn Station. The entire event allows interactive, nonlinear play on massive battlefields or sets all while having live scoring!

Completely Autonomous Gaming System

Adventure Sports HQ Laser Tag equipment is a completely self-contained! Meaning everything you need to run an incredible gaming system is in the gun! Designed by some of the best engineers in the industry our equipment has a powerful 8-Core Processor propelling every gun matched with a super powered RF Radio!  Truly revolutionary and simple to power up your business!

For more information in regards to our taggers, you can view them at our suppliers web site on https://www.adventuresportshq.com/.