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We bring "A" Grade Laser Tag Fun to your door!

Ghostly Games Mobile Laser Tag Parties are amazing. It's super straightforward to organise and a great way to motivate your children to be more active. But the most important thing of all is that "we set everything up", alleviate that unnecessary stress and leave the entertaining to us.

Our Laser tag parties are "not" your average birthday party. You could organise a simple bowling gathering or a pizza party, but where is the fun in that? We bring in action-packed, high-tech battles that comes right to your door! We are the champion of this game! We bring in amazing laser tag games to Brisbane and we know that you will have a blast!

Kids will never want to go back in the hole when they can have this awesome laser tag party. All you need is a room and some drinks because our Ghostly Games Laser Tag Parties are so easy!

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Our Laser Tag Service Area Range

Our Service Area can range from Greater Brisbane, go far south past the Gold Coast, and even travel up to Sunshine Coast.

We're always looking for new ways to entertain our guests, and we think that mobile laser tag parties are just the best. It's such an easy thing to upload your reservation online or give us a call! You can bet on us being there with all of those kids once they hear about this exciting event. Laser tag is a blast! It's more fun than you could ever imagine. Imagine getting together with your friends and teammates to play this awesome game of laser defence, or offensive for that matter - either way, it'll be an experience like no other.

Isn't it time you showed off your little warriors? There's no better place to battle than on the Ghostly Games Laser Skirmish Battle Field in Brisbane - and we're sure they'll love every minute of it.

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Laser Tag Themed Decorations

Looking to elevate your next birthday celebration with some high-energy fun? Dive into our curated selection of Laser Tag Themed decorations available now on Amazon! These eye-catching adornments are guaranteed to inject excitement into your special day. Plus, when you use our links to make your purchase, you support our cause — ensuring you get the best in convenience and variety, from vibrant party decorations to thrilling video games. Shop now and transform your birthday bash into an unforgettable laser tag arena with ease!.

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Ghostly Games Laser tag event!

Birthday Parties

Laser Tag Birthday parties

When you've got a bunch of kids who just won't stop moving, there's no better way to keep them busy and happy than with our high-tech laser tag for all ages! It works great in any location - like your backyard or local park. Get ready because once they start playing it seems impossible that anyone will want anything else ever again :)

Group Functions

Girl Playing Laser Tag

Laser Tag provides a great way to have fun with friends and family members of all ages! Our laser tag players can play indoors or out in any environment that will hold up our pop-up bunkers. Plus, we offer special packages just for schools - so if there are lots o' kids around (or not), you'll find something perfect without breaking the budget Social Studies teacher? Check!. The day camp director looks furtively over his/her shoulder at this new idea.

Corporate Events

Ghostly Games Flag

The future of team-building is nowhere! Laser Tag lets you get into the action and have fun with your coworkers. You can play at a local community centre or take it outside on a picnic rug for some old school competition in nature's backyard. It doesn't matter if they're newbies or veterans. We've got them all covered when it comes to having their adrenaline pumping through this body as nobody else does—and best yet: no one gets hurt, so there are never any scars left behind afterwards, either.

Half Half Deal

We can cater for Mobile Game Theatre "and" Laser Tag Packages.

Did you know we also own a Mobile Game Theatre?

As a matter of fact, we do! Our main business is utilising our famous Mobile Game Theatre and Virtual Reality packages. Don't know what the Game Theatre is? Then please, see more information on our main website here to learn more!

The Half/Half service deal is only capable of servicing max 14 participants at the same time. One half of the service will be within the Mobile Game Theatre, the other half outside playing Laser Tag. The idea is to provide parents with a better value package with less number of children. If you require BOTH services running simultaneously with more participants (over 14), then you will not be eligible for Half Half deal. Please contact us if you need more information.

Want BOTH Laser tag and Mobile Game Theatre? Yes, you can! We have special pricing called our Half Half Deal, which will have one half the event playing laser tag and the other half inside the fabulous Mobile Game Theatre. What a PARTY! Click BOOK Now and select "Half Half" deal, Today!


We'll bring the Laser Tag Party to you! Ghostly Games Entertainment is here for all your event needs. Whether it's a birthday party, Christmas celebration or company function, we've got something that will fit any occasion and mood- whether funny and exciting or kid-friendly with fantastic laser tag gaming scenarios outside during the winter months. We do them ALL!!

Have you ever wanted to bring your friends and family on a wild laser skirmish? If so, then book our Ghostly Games Laser Tag experience today. We go to Brisbane, Gold Coast and even the Sunshine Coast.

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Our Laser Tag Equipment
Why choose us?


There are a lot of great locations for our service within the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions. So if you're looking to have an laser skirmish at one of these spots, don't hesitate! Just choose your desired location from any park or school in this area - we'll be there with all that is needed on-site (plus some!).

Worried about the Weather?

We don't just have one backup plan for everything. We've got a whole bunch of them! Our Mobile Game Theatre or the Van Game Theatre is always ready. It will keep your guests entertained if Laser Tag isn't running smoothly due to the weather or if anything else comes up before their event begins (pending availability).

Always have a ref

Because we're here to take care of everything at our laser tag birthday party, you don't have worry about setting up or looking after the children while our team is around. We'll bring in all your laser tag equipment and get it set-up ready for play - no need wasting time doing that yourself!.