Ghostly Games Entertainment serves a primary service area, within a 30km radius of Mansfield, Queensland. Please see the Travel Cost Calculator below to calculate the distance between our base location to your event location.

Map Radius

Generator Power and Mobile Internet Data

PLEASE NOTE: The Van Game Theatre does NOT have a power generator. Please do NOT book this Van to be hosted at a park or remote location that does not have a power source.

We prefer to use the onsite power supply (two dedicated power ports), but if you do require Generator Power for your event.

The cost of adding a power generator to the booking is $100 extra towards for the first two hours, then $40 per hour extra on top of the initial bill. (We will add the 5G data for free if the generator service is used)

If power is supplied by the host and only requires 5G internet, then the cost we charge is $15 per hour to power either the Mobile Game Theatre or the Van Game Theatre services.

Please contact us if you have any questions in regard to your power supply options.

Travel Cost Calculator

Travel Cost Calculator

To work out if there are any travel costs towards your booking, please enter your address details below.

Travel is limited to the larger paved roads.  If the roads are safe to travel we’ll be there!

We have a secondary service area outside of a 30-kilometre radius. We will assess a travel fee for these areas, based on distance. (Fee will be added by distance during the booking process.)

Travel Fee Chart:

Under 30kms: Included in Package Price
31-40kms: $15 Fee
41-50kms: $30 Fee
51-60kms: $45 Fee
61-70kms: $65 Fee
70-80kms: $75 Fee
80kms and over (please contact us directly to gain a new travel fee quote)

Not sure if we can come to you? Contact Us and ask!