While hauling our impressive “Mobile Game Theatre“, we found that a lot of our parties are actually around 10 and under. We are still required to charge full price to enable us to continue servicing our clients within this business.

So a “new” vehicle has arrived to service the smaller parties and groups. Please say “hello” to our new, Australian Made Van Game Theatre! This new Van is designed for the smaller parties in mind, maxing the number of children attending down to 10 maximum.

Very happy children just experienced our New Van Game Theatre

The Pros

The experience you gain from using this van will be very similar to hiring our awesome Mobile Game Theater, however, a tad more ‘intimate’ if I do say so. With a front glow dash “ghostly games” board, under glow bench and seating, any gamer would see this place as simply “haven”.

Below are inside the Van Gaming Theatre

  • 4 x 42 inche High Definition TV’s
  • 2 x PS4 Pros
  • 2 x Xbox Series S’s
  • 2 x PS5’s
  • 2 Nintendo Switch’s

The Van is also very well climatised with its own air conditioning unit and internal fans to keep the entire enclosed super nice and cool.

All of the interior lighting are very customisable, meaning we have full control over the type of colours and really cool effects that digital lighting can offer. Effects such as Fireworks, Police light work, popcorn lighting and many more to play around with.

Getting to new locations will be a breeze with this new gaming unit as this unit will only require 7 meters of space for parking.

Supplying power to this unit is super simple as well, as this unit will only require on 10 amp port to power the entire unit.

When suppling the game coach power, please ensure that the power port is not within range of any kitchen applicences. So recommend “NOT” to use a power port within a Kitchen if at all possible.

4G mobile internet connection is also available within this unit.

Mike Mikic
Glow internals and seating

The Cons

Depending on how you see attendance numbers, the con on limiting guests could be rather daunting for many parents. So please, if you do require a larger attendance rate, consider going back to using our Mobile Game Theatre which can cater for a much larger group.

We also can not bring a “power generator” using this unit, so the host will be required to provide a power source. If the event is at a park location, please check the council to see if there is a power port accessible within the park location.

Close up for the glow bench


So yes, we do have a “Second Unit” now and it was a long time coming. I do admit pursuing this new venture was challenging, but it was the most rewarding experience we have ever driven into within our Ghostly Games Business endeavour.
I have the most faith that this unit will be bringing all our clients new joy and happiness for future events to come.

Like to book now? Then head over to our booking site, we’re accepting new VGT bookings right now!