My name is Mike Mikic and I will be starting a new entertainment business venture called Ghostly Games Entertainment, a Mobile Game Theatre that comes to your school and entertains or rewards your students with an amazing video game party! 26 students at a time can dance, race and game in our Limo-Style Theatre on Wheels. We will be commencing just after February 2018 and absolutely excited to get things moving in your area.

What is so important with this proposal?

As we are the new guys around the block, we just like to get the word out to the community that “Ghostly Games Entertainment” is here. So we are offering 2 hours of our time to any school willing to have us in their premises absolutely FREE!! (Yes Free!). This does not include free as in working on the weekend however, or free “fete” business. Must be during the week preferably during school hours.

Why Free?

More direct, we need a way to have our name out to the community and what better way to accomplish this than by entertaining your well-deserved (and well-behaved) kids. All we ask is to have 4 half hour sets of kids rotate through our trailer to simply “PLAY”. After they finished playing, they leave and we’ll hand out a flier containing more information about our business and your school fundraising opportunity.

School fundraising opportunity? What?

When the child leaves, as stated before they will receive a flier containing information about our business, but what it also contains is a “Discount” code which will give them a %10 discount on any party they book with us in the future. This “coupon” will be unique to only your school as well, so any party booked that uses your discount code we will then give back to your school $20 back for each party booked. (Booked as in fully paid parties).

Great, but 2 hours will only fit roughly 60 Kids max? What’s so good about the fundraising if not all kids can see?

This is where we actually leave the rest of the fliers to you, we will provide over 500 fliers for your school to promote. We call these simply “bag pack” fliers. All we ask if you could attach this flier with either your weekly school newsletter or promote it as the local school fundraising activity.

Fundraising activity?

Believe it or not, you can make this a fundraising activity other than just stuffing newsletter fliers to promote us. Let me elaborate. Over 99% of kids in the world all have one thing in common, “They all love to have FUN!” But they are also love to be “rewarded” for the things they accomplish. Why not promote a fundraising exercise with them and the student with the most funds returned to the school will be rewarded “lets say” one 2 hour video game party at their home!! What a prize to have, they can show off this one prize to 20 other mates around them (20 kids WIN). For this we just ask a school discounted commission for your school to have this promotion running (other words, pay for the one 2 hour party at $380 flat after fundraising is finished, your school gets the rest).

Ahh cool, but are there other incentives?

There is also away about using our Mobile Game Truck as an incentive to encourage students to be in school everyday. Rewarding perfect attendance in a 2 months span. Those students who meet expectations will be rewarded by playing (kid friendly) video games. You could always use this for great academics results as well, perfect party for a perfect score?

What is a Video Game Theatre anyways?

Funny you asked, Ghostly Games Entertainment Game Party brings the Video Gaming experience right to your front door! Our luxury, Limo-Style Theatre on wheels features 5 Widescreen High-Definition TVs, seriously loud (or quiet) sound bars and multiplayer gaming excitement! 16 can play at the same time with room for 10 more friends on the second row of stadium seating! We have all the latest titles from Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, Wii U and PlayStation 4. Planning a Summer or Winter Party? We are climate controlled!  Our Game Coach will make sure the kids have a blast and the parents/teachers get a break! This new Gaming Trailer has a indigo blue interior with 4 55″ TVs in front of our cushy stadium seating, a 60″ TV in the Action Station in the V-Nose (for games like Just Dance). We have gaming for 26 at a time!   What’s it like to game with Ghostly Games Entertainment Game Party?   Here’s a video of a birthday party in the Mobile Game Theatre!  Have little gamers of your own? We do Birthday Parties!

Here’s a link to our Facebook photo page. We post updates, specials and pictures of our events there. Please also check out Our Policies page to confirm what is expected of us and the host of the party.

Ok, your free, want to promote in and for our school, what else do you want? Is there another catch?

Ghostly Games Logo

Ghostly Games Entertainment

We’ll be also asking for other contacts you might have such as your “before/after school care” contacts or any other group you support. We will provide them with similar promotion as what you have received. Other than that there is “nothing else”. We really want to support our upcoming business with your support. If you don’t believe me, call me on 0406 763 101 and we can discuss some more there.

Well, I’m not convinced with the “free” thing, but would you mind doing some fete’s or festivals?

A big definite “yes” from us. That is one of the reasons why we bought into the business in the first place to be able to come to festivals and fetes and provide fun to the community. There are a few services that I have still yet to mention, we also provide back yard Laser tag (brand new laser tag system coming from the US) and we also have DJing Services. (I am actually a very good DJ by the way). If you need more information in regards to these services, please feel free to get in contact with me. So again “yes” we can do fetes and festivals no problem.


Thank you for your consideration

Mike Mikic

Game Coach/Founder of Ghostly Games Entertainment

0406 763 101