I’m sure you have seen a number of emails concerning the current coronavirus crisis from other companies, all of which have strict hygiene practices that they adhered to every single day.
That is no different from us. At Ghostly Games Entertainment, we have always cleaned our equipment with disinfectant wipes, clean our game-theatre stadium seating with disinfectant and all laser tag equipment cleaned after each event.

What are we planing on doing to help?

We have now put in place additional steps to keep team members and customers safe. These include increasing the frequency of hand sanitisation (if stocks permit) and spraying disinfectant after wiping down furniture to keep them extra clean. 

However, we would like some assistance from our party hosts as well to keep everyone as safe as possible

We are limiting the amount of Children inside the Game Trailer to 14 until the pandemic is over

The reasoning behind the reduction of children allowed inside the gaming trailer is to comply with the required rule of 1-meter separation. We are aware this may not be the case for some children, as we like our players to be on the same game within the gaming trailer. However, we’re confident that the limit reduction to 14 children will at the very least assist with the sanitisation process for children entering inside the gaming trailer and reduce the chance for the virus to spread.

Have children cleaned their hands

This goes without saying when we’re having a party normally, but this simple task can deter the spread of the virus. Please have your children wash their hands prior to doing any Ghostly Games activity.

Do you have sanitiser spare

We like to promise that we have hand sanitisers, however, during these crisis times we may not have access to the hand sanitiser during your event. Please have some on hand if at all possible.

Does your guest children have noticeable symptoms such as a cough or cold? I know it’s hard but please advise the parent that this child is not permitted to use the game trailer.
The trailer is a confined space and the spread of germs is more likely to happen if this child proceeds into the trailer.

Cancellation of bookings due to the Coronavirus

There are some concerns in regards to coronavirus lockdowns and quarantines which evidently will affect the booking. 

We are obligated to refund the entire amount of the booking to the host under the following circumstances:

  • If the government states that business can not permit events for gatherings of 50 or fewer people.
  • If Ghostly Games Entertainment or the host (client which made the booking) of the event is quarantined for the virus itself.
  • If the event is within a “lockdown” period

However, we will continue using our refund policy if the client cancels the event due to fear of the coronavirus, or if some of the guests are quarantined and can’t make it to the event. We will need to move the date of the booking, or simply comply with the cancellation policy

If you would like to know more about the Coronavirus, please head over to the government website for more information.