What happens if you get stuck in traffic, do I get charged more?


You most certainly do not get charged more. If we are running late, we will stay longer until the required event timeframes are completed. The Game Coach will contact the host if there is an event of traffic congestion or any incident they may encounter during the day.

At each event our designated Ghostly Games Driver will act as a Game Coach and monitor the children inside the game trailer. As we will monitor and manage the children within the game trailer, we do expect the host/parents to manage the children outside the gaming van as we need to ensure all children are safe from inside the Game Trailer.

At the moment, we are not wheelchair friendly. We need to consider the right sort of ramp that can clip on and secure on the gaming trailer’s back entrance.

We can’t allow any food from within the gaming theatre, as this will create an unwanted mess and damage the technical equipment within the Gaming Theatre. Therefore, game hosts must enforce the no food policy and have participants clean their hands before entering the gaming theatre.

You can view our policies here