Sad to say that we’re closed, but not going away

It is with the heaviest of hearts to inform you that Ghostly Games Entertainment will now be closed until the COVID-19 crisis is over.

In accordance with the Prime Ministers ruling of the separation rule, our services will not be able to comply. So we are now closing until this new ruling is relieved. More information in regards to the policy can be located here

We will keep you updated with information through Facebook, Instagram and our Website as new information comes to hand in the future about a re-opening date.

Ghostly Games will return, it will be just time for rest, for the time being.

What about our deposits, or even the FULL AMOUNT?

We will refund everyone that has booked and paid for future events.

As you can imagine that we “had” a lot of future bookings, and now suddenly the business is under a considerable amount of debt to repay.

But please do not panic, we will repay everyone that has paid or placed a deposit for their booking.

So we are prioritising repayments as such:

  * Any April 2020 bookings will be paid first – estimated wait time 2 weeks
  * Any May 2020 bookings – estimated wait time 1 month

As for June 2020 and beyond bookings, we do not want to cancel, but wait till May 2020 to see the status of the COVID-19 issue and then act accordingly if we need to refund customer payments. 

Can we just defer our booking to a date later than June 2020?

Of course, you can, and would be very much appreciated. But I know a lot of you are struggling as much as we are and a refund is required.

Simply, if you like to defer your booking, then please email us and advise that you like to defer your booking to a later date.

If you can’t defer then we’ll honour the cancellation and refund you as soon as we’re able to do so. Send a cancellation request email and we’ll start the process from there.

Both cancellation and defer request emails need to be emailed to address

What if we did not place any deposit but still have a future booking with Ghostly Games?

All April and May bookings which have not been paid has already been “CANCELLED” and we had sent a notification to our customers.

We have not cancelled any bookings that are in June or later. 
Our message to you is, “Please do not pay anything till COVID-19 crisis is over“.

We usually like our customers to pay a deposit to “secure” the booking, but unfortunately, we’re not in a state which we can’t service anyone until the restrictions from the government are relieved. 

You can cancel your booking any time, or wait and see how things pan out for everyone.

Stay Carm and Stay Safe

Lastly, if you read this far down, I like to say a big warm “Thank you” to all of our supporters which had entrusted in us to host their events, parties, functions, vacation care incursions or plain old simple gaming fun times.

My journey with Ghostly Games Entertainment had been pretty rough at the start. Importing the Game Trailer from the US, making it AU compliant and then struggling to get one booking out of it.
But now I can see that Ghostly Games is now known, fun, and an exciting new entity to the Brisbane community and I would hate to see this go due to a cause that no one can control.

Bye for now, but not forever.

Stay Safe
Mike Mikic
Owner – Ghostly Games Entertainment