We’re open but there are some restrictions in place

We have some depressing news. We just contacted the Queensland Health and COVID-19 business helplines to confirm the current restrictions that are put upon our business. Though the new rules state 20 people are allowed in an enclosed area, the 4-meter square rule will still apply from the 12th of June.
What this means, for our Mobile Gaming Trailer, which is classified as an enclosed space, can only allow a maximum of 5 “children” inside the unit.

This will disappoint a lot of our customers, though we must comply with the government ruling. If you have a booking with us before the 10th of July please contact us as soon as possible.

What can we do from here?

Well, we can change the booking to use our Laser Tag service which will operate in a large open area. We can bump your booking to use Mobile Game Theatre and Laser Tag (pending on space you have). We can move your booking to a later date – past the 10th of July if Mobile Game Theatre is the only option.

Please send us a message on info@ghostlygames.com.au or call Mike (0406 763 101) to discuss more options. We’ll try our best to contact everyone before the 12th of June comes by.

We still decided that we’re keeping the booking, what will happen when Ghostly Games arrive for the event?

The government requires all businesses to keep a track of all patrons that enter or use their facilities. We have created a downloadable form you can print and instruct parents to fill in to assist with the COVID-19 track tracing program.

We’ll manage the numbers going inside and outside of the trailer, making sure everyone is getting a turn within the Mobile Game Theatre.

We will require that all people (children and adults) ‘sanitize’ their hands prior to entering the Mobile Game Theatre. We try to provide hand sanitizers on the premises, but if at all possible if sanitizers are not available due to stock we will require the guest to ‘wash their hands’ for cleanliness.

NOTE: guests are not allowed to enter the Gaming Trailer if they are unwell or have COVID19 symptoms. Ghostly Games staff members have the right to refuse guest entry and must insist that anyone showing signs with these symptoms must leave the Game Theatre immediately.

After each and every event, we will continue to perform good hygiene practices by disinfecting all equipment used by guests and staff.

This includes:
Game controllers
Game Theatre stadium seating
TV screens
Laser Taggers and laser tagger accessories

Government COVID-19 update website

We’re watching the following web page closely: https://www.covid19.qld.gov.au/government-actions/roadmap-to-easing-queenslands-restrictions
From what we can gather at the time of this post, from the 10th of July we should be seeing more restrictions being lifted which should include the removal of the 4-meter square rule (pending on the success of reduced COVID-19 cases).

Thank you to everyone for your patience and support.

We most certainly were not expecting the overwhelming response and the large number of bookings that we now have. We completely appreciate everyone in supporting our small business, and we promise we’ll keep providing the best Mobile Game Theatre and Laser Tag experience to Brisbane and surrounding areas.