There is something undeniably thrilling to looking through a scope on your laser tagger, pressing the trigger down “shooting” your target with infer red beams “lasers” and your tagger shouts “target down!” As you rush forward to your next bunker approaching your next target. All the while working amongst your team to defeat the opposition to win the final victory!

Or mind you, you could mindlessly run around, shooting the air blind, hoping you will finally hit something. Your tagger will eventually flash and declare you have no life left. You then simply run back to your respawn box that we provide you. This will instantly gain full health and get you back into the game.

One of our favourite features we have found with our cutting edge Razorback Pro Riffle Taggers is the ability for each player to check their independent screens on their taggers to see their teams score, their health and personal shoots in a row. The players have the ability to scroll through the HUD (heads up display) to review all the stats in the game. Via pressing the black button on the taggers. Or if you run out of “bullets” you simply press the red button to reload. And of course everything has its own sound effects.

The great thing about Ghostly Games Laser Tag

Who can Play? Boys, girls, teens, Adults, Aunt, Uncle, Mum, Dad, just about anyone who wants to have fun and get the party started!

What events are we perfect for? Kids birthdays, Adult parties, corporate functions, Special events, Team building, scouts, school fetes, church events, Weddings the list goes on!

What makes us so special? We come to you wherever you are in the Brisbane area, set everything up in the space you provide us. We then explain to your audience how to use the taggers and the rules, help run and referee the games to keep everyone having the utmost fun

What makes our taggers one the best in the world? We have 14 of the Razorback Pro Battle Rifles which are a professional grade laser tag system. Where you can see scores on each individual gun without needing a computer. It has full digital sounds, scope with laser aim, stock add on and attachment head sensor which you can decide to wear, or to leave off

How can you play? Get online at or ring us directly on 0406763101 and pick a time that suits you through our booking system. We can have you booked in minutes.

Is it safe for kids? Our referee and game coach, will outline safety rules before starting your game so all your players are having the best time ever at your event. Our ghostly game Coaches also hold a current blue card and we also have full public liability insurance from an Australian insurer.

Can there be even more positives with laser tag as your next party idea? YES there is! It is great to get everyone running around outside exercising while having lots of fun! We have 6 bunkers, 2 home bases, 2 respawn boxes and 2 medic boxes to keep the game interesting, your guests thinking strategically and working together as a team.

Want more information in regards to laser tag? Then head on over to our laser tag information page here.

We showcase all of the razor back tagger features. If you have any questions in regards to laser tag, or want to ask about our awesome laser tag and mobile game theatre combo deals, then don’t hesitate and contact us now!

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