Just a quick notice that we are going to start hosting our weekly mix sessions with DJ Rushnosh that were brought LIVE every Friday night at 7pm until 8pm Brisbane time.

Please see our DJ Service – Night and Day page for the “Weekly” live mix that we’ll be playing. This will feature EDM sounds of UK Hardcore, Trance, House, DNB and Hard House for the time being.




Few notes from Rushnosh:

DJ Rushnosh Genre/s- UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore/Freeform/RaveBrake/Trance

What made you decide to become a DJ?-

Long story short, I needed a new distraction for my highly addicted obsession with video games. I loved electronic dance music and was really curious about how people mix. So me and a mate took up lessons (back when I was in Canberra) and learnt the basics of mixing from DJ Artimes (Ruth). From then on my DJing career just keeps getting better. However I felt there was something missing with DJing with just standing there mixing, and that’s when I saw Labtek (Eric). Saw and heard how he used to scratch over Trance music, to me was just breathtaking and wanted to learn how he does it. So curious me went over to his place and also learnt the basics of scratching and from there unfolded my unique style of mixing\scratching over UK Hardcore music. Never looked back

Favourite gig to date? –

Personally, my most favourite gig was when MC Harlequin, one of my good mates DJ Madman (at the time) and myself flew down to Hobart to play at Halo night club banging out our UK Hardcore duo (Rushnosh feat. MC Harlequin). Was very nervous when we arrived seeing absolutely no one in near the proximity of the club, then when the party started suddenly a whole cult of ravers just appeared out of nowhere and shook this club all night. I was in awe with these guys seeing how they react to something so upbeat and really appreciate the MC/Scratching talent we provided them. What came close to being the top also was when I supported DJ Gammar at the Arena in Brisbane. It was one set before him as myself and MC Conduct kept the raving hall bouncing till his set. It was an absolute honour to play and represent Brisbane for what our local Hardcore talent had to offer.

Future plans/dreams? –

I still have a driving passion and inspiration to continue scratching (or side scratching) for any production of choice. May it be for genres such as Psy Trance, HardStyle and Hard Trance, to crazy UK Hardcore or FrenchCore. I’m also willing to push myself harder to MC for the masses as well. Hell I’m no MC Storm or MC Harlequin but I can still push through a few bar’s to two. I’m a DJ with a diversity of skills and I wish to continue utilising them to entertain others in the near future.

Please check out my sound cloud page for some of the tracks which I have produced and some mixes I have set up there.

Thank you for reading: