We are going up to Townsville!


We are up in TOWNSVILLE next week! Super excited to be part of this amazing event for Cluden Park on the 12th of June 2021. If you are in Townsville, please come and pay a visit to our awesome Game Theatre. Tickets are for sale on:https://www.cludenpark.com.au/2yo-classic-and-family-fun…/

Some Quick Facts About Laser Tag (Wow Your Friends Next Time You Play!)

No matter if you’re a laser tag junkie or just want to learn about laser tag, we have some interesting facts for you. These are must-know facts before you play it for the first time. Some of which you might not have known before.

Unfortunately, these facts may not help you to become a better player, but you might win the best know-it-all amongst your friends or enemies in this case. After you’re done reading this, you are ready to suit up and play some real laser tag!

The game of laser tag was first introduced in 1979 and was called Star Trek Phaser. It got its inspiration from the laser guns and photon blasters in the popular series. It quickly gained popularity amongst Star Trek fans, but it didn’t take very long before people began to transform the game and focus it around new concepts that weren’t related to Star Trek. This broadened both its appeal and audience, and suddenly almost everyone was playing it. 

Laser tag continued to grow in popularity all through the 80s. It had a massive explosion of fans in the 90s when arcades and carnivals were at their peak amongst teens. During the 90s, laser tag became more futuristic in its concepts, feeding movies like the Matrix and post-apocalyptic imaginings linked to the impending Y2K. 

It’s Even Been Used by the Military

You don’t have to use all your brain cells to see how a laser tag could be a valuable training tool for the military. And laser tag is widely known to be used as a tactical training method for soldiers. It not only helped them practice their aim and fire upon an opponent, but it also taught them how to shield and protect their bodies during a firefight. 

Unfortunately, it’s not a very common training method anymore. Most military groups have moved on and use laser tag’s cousin, paintball when looking for a safe way to simulate battles, even though laser tag is more accurate. 

It Gets Competitive

If you think laser tag is a child’s game, you better think again. Many people take laser tag very seriously, maybe too seriously, and it gets just as competitive as any other sport. Zone World’s Laser Tag Championships began in 2003 and has since then been the main premier laser tag competition globally. 

But it’s far from the only one, tournaments are held worldwide, so if you want to excel your game to the next level, the competition is out there.

There Actually Are No Lasers

What??? This may come as a surprise, but the red beams that come out from the front of your gun aren’t lasers. Lasers can be dangerous, damaging the eyes, and can even burn skin. 

So, instead, laser tag uses infrared beams with sensors to play the game. The name laser tag was kept as an homage to the laser stun guns from Star Trek. Besides, the infrared tag doesn’t have the same cool ring to it.

Play Laser Tag

At Ghostly Games, we offer indoor and outdoor laser tag. We take care of all the setup and organisation so that you and/or your children can get straight to the fun!

We’re open but there are some restrictions in place

We have some depressing news. We just contacted the Queensland Health and COVID-19 business helplines to confirm the current restrictions that are put upon our business. Though the new rules state 20 people are allowed in an enclosed area, the 4-meter square rule will still apply from the 12th of June.
What this means, for our Mobile Gaming Trailer, which is classified as an enclosed space, can only allow a maximum of 5 “children” inside the unit.

This will disappoint a lot of our customers, though we must comply with the government ruling. If you have a booking with us before the 10th of July please contact us as soon as possible.

What can we do from here?

Well, we can change the booking to use our Laser Tag service which will operate in a large open area. We can bump your booking to use Mobile Game Theatre and Laser Tag (pending on space you have). We can move your booking to a later date – past the 10th of July if Mobile Game Theatre is the only option.

Please send us a message on info@ghostlygames.com.au or call Mike (0406 763 101) to discuss more options. We’ll try our best to contact everyone before the 12th of June comes by.

We still decided that we’re keeping the booking, what will happen when Ghostly Games arrive for the event?

The government requires all businesses to keep a track of all patrons that enter or use their facilities. We have created a downloadable form you can print and instruct parents to fill in to assist with the COVID-19 track tracing program.

We’ll manage the numbers going inside and outside of the trailer, making sure everyone is getting a turn within the Mobile Game Theatre.

We will require that all people (children and adults) ‘sanitize’ their hands prior to entering the Mobile Game Theatre. We try to provide hand sanitizers on the premises, but if at all possible if sanitizers are not available due to stock we will require the guest to ‘wash their hands’ for cleanliness.

NOTE: guests are not allowed to enter the Gaming Trailer if they are unwell or have COVID19 symptoms. Ghostly Games staff members have the right to refuse guest entry and must insist that anyone showing signs with these symptoms must leave the Game Theatre immediately.

After each and every event, we will continue to perform good hygiene practices by disinfecting all equipment used by guests and staff.

This includes:
Game controllers
Game Theatre stadium seating
TV screens
Laser Taggers and laser tagger accessories

Government COVID-19 update website

We’re watching the following web page closely: https://www.covid19.qld.gov.au/government-actions/roadmap-to-easing-queenslands-restrictions
From what we can gather at the time of this post, from the 10th of July we should be seeing more restrictions being lifted which should include the removal of the 4-meter square rule (pending on the success of reduced COVID-19 cases).

Thank you to everyone for your patience and support.

We most certainly were not expecting the overwhelming response and the large number of bookings that we now have. We completely appreciate everyone in supporting our small business, and we promise we’ll keep providing the best Mobile Game Theatre and Laser Tag experience to Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Sad to say that we’re closed, but not going away

It is with the heaviest of hearts to inform you that Ghostly Games Entertainment will now be closed until the COVID-19 crisis is over.

In accordance with the Prime Ministers ruling of the separation rule, our services will not be able to comply. So we are now closing until this new ruling is relieved. More information in regards to the policy can be located here https://www.pm.gov.au/media/update-coronavirus-measures-0

We will keep you updated with information through Facebook, Instagram and our Website as new information comes to hand in the future about a re-opening date.

Ghostly Games will return, it will be just time for rest, for the time being.

What about our deposits, or even the FULL AMOUNT?

We will refund everyone that has booked and paid for future events.

As you can imagine that we “had” a lot of future bookings, and now suddenly the business is under a considerable amount of debt to repay.

But please do not panic, we will repay everyone that has paid or placed a deposit for their booking.

So we are prioritising repayments as such:

  * Any April 2020 bookings will be paid first – estimated wait time 2 weeks
  * Any May 2020 bookings – estimated wait time 1 month

As for June 2020 and beyond bookings, we do not want to cancel, but wait till May 2020 to see the status of the COVID-19 issue and then act accordingly if we need to refund customer payments. 

Can we just defer our booking to a date later than June 2020?

Of course, you can, and would be very much appreciated. But I know a lot of you are struggling as much as we are and a refund is required.

Simply, if you like to defer your booking, then please email us and advise that you like to defer your booking to a later date.

If you can’t defer then we’ll honour the cancellation and refund you as soon as we’re able to do so. Send a cancellation request email and we’ll start the process from there.

Both cancellation and defer request emails need to be emailed to address info@ghostlygames.com.au.

What if we did not place any deposit but still have a future booking with Ghostly Games?

All April and May bookings which have not been paid has already been “CANCELLED” and we had sent a notification to our customers.

We have not cancelled any bookings that are in June or later. 
Our message to you is, “Please do not pay anything till COVID-19 crisis is over“.

We usually like our customers to pay a deposit to “secure” the booking, but unfortunately, we’re not in a state which we can’t service anyone until the restrictions from the government are relieved. 

You can cancel your booking any time, or wait and see how things pan out for everyone.

Stay Carm and Stay Safe

Lastly, if you read this far down, I like to say a big warm “Thank you” to all of our supporters which had entrusted in us to host their events, parties, functions, vacation care incursions or plain old simple gaming fun times.

My journey with Ghostly Games Entertainment had been pretty rough at the start. Importing the Game Trailer from the US, making it AU compliant and then struggling to get one booking out of it.
But now I can see that Ghostly Games is now known, fun, and an exciting new entity to the Brisbane community and I would hate to see this go due to a cause that no one can control.

Bye for now, but not forever.

Stay Safe
Mike Mikic
Owner – Ghostly Games Entertainment

I’m sure you have seen a number of emails concerning the current coronavirus crisis from other companies, all of which have strict hygiene practices that they adhered to every single day.
That is no different from us. At Ghostly Games Entertainment, we have always cleaned our equipment with disinfectant wipes, clean our game-theatre stadium seating with disinfectant and all laser tag equipment cleaned after each event.

What are we planing on doing to help?

We have now put in place additional steps to keep team members and customers safe. These include increasing the frequency of hand sanitisation (if stocks permit) and spraying disinfectant after wiping down furniture to keep them extra clean. 

However, we would like some assistance from our party hosts as well to keep everyone as safe as possible

We are limiting the amount of Children inside the Game Trailer to 14 until the pandemic is over

The reasoning behind the reduction of children allowed inside the gaming trailer is to comply with the required rule of 1-meter separation. We are aware this may not be the case for some children, as we like our players to be on the same game within the gaming trailer. However, we’re confident that the limit reduction to 14 children will at the very least assist with the sanitisation process for children entering inside the gaming trailer and reduce the chance for the virus to spread.

Have children cleaned their hands

This goes without saying when we’re having a party normally, but this simple task can deter the spread of the virus. Please have your children wash their hands prior to doing any Ghostly Games activity.

Do you have sanitiser spare

We like to promise that we have hand sanitisers, however, during these crisis times we may not have access to the hand sanitiser during your event. Please have some on hand if at all possible.

Does your guest children have noticeable symptoms such as a cough or cold? I know it’s hard but please advise the parent that this child is not permitted to use the game trailer.
The trailer is a confined space and the spread of germs is more likely to happen if this child proceeds into the trailer.

Cancellation of bookings due to the Coronavirus

There are some concerns in regards to coronavirus lockdowns and quarantines which evidently will affect the booking. 

We are obligated to refund the entire amount of the booking to the host under the following circumstances:

  • If the government states that business can not permit events for gatherings of 50 or fewer people.
  • If Ghostly Games Entertainment or the host (client which made the booking) of the event is quarantined for the virus itself.
  • If the event is within a “lockdown” period

However, we will continue using our refund policy if the client cancels the event due to fear of the coronavirus, or if some of the guests are quarantined and can’t make it to the event. We will need to move the date of the booking, or simply comply with the cancellation policy

If you would like to know more about the Coronavirus, please head over to the government website for more information.