Easter 2019 is Coming Quick!


Now 2018 is a thing of the past, it is now time to focus on what lies ahead, Easter! Ask yourself, were some of the last incursions you had was not quite to your expectations, did the children have any fun or was it simply “too short” on time? Ghostly Games had some excellent reviews from our past vacation care incursions. The majority of them advised is that what we offer with our incursion and can cater for more than 2 hours at a time is simply amazing! Being able to bring a Mobile Game Theatre and Laser Tag just means an amazing amount of fun for the children. In fact, we even have done a 5-hour incursion last January holidays. I say let’s bring it on! The longer the better.

Happy Easter!

We attract Kids! Meaning “more” revenue to your vacation care!

Vacation care centres are really after incursions which will bring in what they need, “more children”. Simply put, the more children which attend, the more revenue the centre can make. Easy right?
From what we have been hearing this is not really the case. It is easy to find incursion services to fill your vacation care roster, but it’s not as easy to find incursions which will make a lasting impression on the children. Try out Ghostly Games Mobile Game Theatre and Laser Tag combo and see the difference this makes to your vacation care services.

The Ghostly Games Trailer
Gamers within Game Trailer
Gamers within Game Trailer

Have the latest consoles do the work for you. Kid’s love video games these days, and so do we 🙂 You can cater up to 20 kids per time.

Laser tag

Laser Tag is engaging, energetic, team building and FUN. Host a Laser Tag session with your kids!

Why not have BOTH!

If your centre caters for over 60 children, why not make a day of it and have both MGT and LT!

Should your centre have BOTH?

Having both Mobile Game Theatre and Laser Tag “Combined” can cater for a very large number of children. Imagine having over 100 children at your centre, we can organise them into manageable groups to filter through both Mobile Game Theatre and Laser Tag activities. 
We bring in the extra staff members required to manage these services together. And yes, we all have blue cards and the business is covered by Public Liability. (20 million in fact)


All vacation care centres all benifit from the 10% discount which they receive in booking with us. If you are unsure, simply check out the pricing from within our booking page and minus 10% from the cost.

Contact Us NOW!

If you have any further questions on availability, pricng, how the services work or anything else, please don’t hesitate and contact-us using our emailing system or simply book an appointment now using the booking and pricing system.

Happy New Year in 2019 from Ghostly Games Entertainment! We are so delighted to start off this year working with many vacation care services. We could not be thankful enough to have this opportunity to entertain children within our Video Game Trailer and Laser Tag services for our vacation care supporters.


Big Thank you to YMCA Brisbane for the majority of our bookings. You guys are super great to work with and have so many great people working within it.

One special mention to YMCA Rochdale, we not only support them with vacation care services but also have a fortnightly laser tag after school care session. YMCA used this service to attract more children to attend after school care programs, and you can see that the children just love it! Thank you so much for considering us as your laser tag host and I really hope we continue working with each other in the near future.

YMCA Rochdale - Laser Tag after school service

New Laser Tag Equipment

Focused Laser Tag guy

Unfortunately we had some issues with the laser tag equipment, having two of our taggers go “out of action” and some of our bookings had to resort to reducing the number of players play laser tag to 13. We have now received 4 new taggers from the US and we can safely say that they are working and “tagging” our existing taggers as expected. Making it possible to not only have 14 players but 16 PLAYERS at the same time. We are “Super” stoked and ready for this Laser Tag Season to arise.

New Glow Touches in Game Truck

We have done some nice minor updates within the trailer as well. We tested and now safely can confirm we have the ability to connect to any of our client’s existing internet connection using our long 50-meter network cable, enabling the internet on all of the consoles situated from within the trailer. This is a nice touch if we need to have the famous “Fortnite” parties which a lot of children adore. We have also placed some nice “glow” touches within the trailer as well. This includes glow lighting behind the TV’s and added some nice cool “Pac Man Ghosts” to enlighten our game towers! If you have not already done so, please check out our “Trailer Tour Video” to see what’s inside.

Ghostly dacor - video game truck
Red Glow within the Game Truck
Purple Glow within Game Trailer

New Games!

Astro Boy PS4 VR

Last but not least is our new assortment of games. These include “Call of Duty – Black Ops 4“, 4 x Halo master chief Collection (this is HUGE for 16 players on 4 separate screens) and our new Astro Bot VR Game. We are super excited to have this within our game theatre and would be a please seeing other people going on and enjoying this wonderful game as well 🙂

Our next step is to replace our Wii U’s with the new Nintendo Switches to have the latest Nintendo gaming experience within the Game Trailer. More information when we’re receiving such consoles later on this month. Curious on what games we currently do have? Head over to our Game Listing pages!

Book Now!

Like to have an awesome birthday party, or need a game truck to a festival event? Then please don’t hesitate to either “contact us” now, or simply place a booking! We’ll be in contact with you as soon as possible.

We like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Ghostly Games Entertainment.
To celebrate we like to offer anyone that books within the Christmas/New Year holidays with us a 5% discount off their booking price.

Please enter in coupon code XMAS2018 on your next booking before end January 2019.

Please share this around to your family and friends!

We’re still very new and in need of your help! Even if you don’t book with us, sharing the information about our service might peek someone else’s interest. Let them know what we do:

  • Mobile Game Theatre – Latests consoles and gear within one trailer
  • Laser Tag – Outdoor, or indoor. We come to you, set up, pack up. No Fuss!
  • DJ Service – Want an awesome wedding? Consider hiring us to DJ!! Or bring both DJ and Mobile Game Theatre to entertain children while you dine!

Please check out our video tour of the game trailer to see what the fuss is all about.

We have one of the best laser tag equipment around in Brisbane, thanks to the great teams in Adventure Sports HQ. Check out the details on our Laser Tag page right now!

Now we did say we can do “weddings”! Well, if inclined and like to have a very cool – hip and can actually “scratch”? Check our DJ page and view the skills yourself!

If you have some questions you like to ask, please don’t hesitate and contact us with anything you need to know.


We finally took the courage to create a video of our video game trailer. This video should at least show you what we have to bring to an upcoming event.

This introductory video will show the following:

  • The exterior of the trailer – illustrating the size of the trailer and the wrap design
  • Then the interior – showing all of the TV’s, consoles, console towers. And discuss a little of the capabilities of what the game trailer can provide to a party

If you have any questions in regards to anything with the trailer or our services in general, please don’t hesitate and contact us on 0406 763 101, or send an email to info@ghostlygames.com.au.


If you can’t view the game trailer video, below are some awesome pictures that we can share with you as well:

Halloween is coming!

And we are here to celebrate this iconic evening with no better people than the Bay FM Crew in Thornlands!

We’ll be parking our ghostly awesome trailer within the BayFM parking lot, providing our ghostly video games fun! Will be showcasing a nice 16 way Halo tournament if we gain the numbers on the night! Should be a tone of fun and absolutely FREE to anyone that likes to join in!


The location is at 95 Cleveland Redland Bay Road, Thornlands. Starting at 7pm on the 31st of October and ends roughly at 9pm.

Below is a google map view of the location.

Please contact us on 0406 763 101 or email info@ghostlygames.com.au if you have any questions about the event.