Hey All, this week we have been very busy with exploring different areas of Brisbane’s finest Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) centres. These include Ormiston, Algester, Holland Park, Currumbin and one very nice bulletin post from St Bernard’s OSHC (Upper Mount Gravatt – Centacare).

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Below is what they have written on their notice board after our free two-hour OSHC session:

Ghostly Games Entertainment – St Bernard Upper Mount Gravatt

Today in the afternoon we were treated to some video games courtesy of Ghostly Games
entertainment. The session is in a trailer that contained 5 TV screens all with 3 consoles each.
Our host, Mike, took a group of 12 kids for an hour each and they were able to rotate across all
the games in smaller groups of 4, before swapping so the other children left in the centre could
have their turn.

Nikos thought that “sessions were really fun and I want to do it again”. Natalie said “it was so fun
and I wish we could have stayed longer.”
But not only the kids got to enjoy the experience, Mr Maringe and Mr P both enjoyed a couple
rounds of FIFA and Rocket League whilst they were”actively supervising” the fun. The general
consensus from everyone was that the activity was enjoyable and was something they’d love to
do again.

Ghostly Games is a new entertainment service that caters for up 24 players in the trailer at a time.
They also offer activities such as DJ and music, Virtual Reality experiences and Laser Tag. If you
would like to know more or receive their contact details, feel free to ask Irene or Adrian for more


We like to thank all of the OSHC teams that we have serviced so far and will continue to provide you with all this amazing service for future OSHC outings.


If you like to learn more about our free two-hour service, please visit the Vacation Care Proposal page for more information.

Interested in booking a party with us, please don’t hesitate to look through our pricing or simply contact us to gain more information.

Don’t forget to look through our other awesome services such as Laser Tag and DJ services as well.

YES We are officially OPEN and already been Servicing!


No more waiting for shipping. No more cancelling events due to constant delays and setbacks that tried to hinder us. I SAY NO MORE!! We are now OFFICIALLY OPEN!! AND We have already serviced a number of events and the Kids are LOVING IT!.

We have spent a lot of time with the trailer wrap design and could not have been more proud of the result. Have a look for your self!

The Trailer – finally imported from the USA!! and wrapped by our awesome team in Cleveland www.ss-signs.com.au (SS Signs)!! Thank you.

And we have already been servicing some parties which went really well.

Here are some photos to see! And we’re only getting started. We have a lot more Mobile Game Theatre and Laser tag parties ready and waiting and we can’t wait to get amongst it!.

If your keen on a booking, feel free to check out our booking page or even contact us to ask any questions you may have.

Ghostly Games Entertainment are GO!!

We still currently have promotions in play where we are offering Schools and After School Care centres an opportunity to have our amazing game trailer to entertain children for 2 hours absolutely free!! If you’re still interested in this deal please don’t hesitate and contact us right now! We have a lot more information in regards to the promotions with the following links below:

Now in case, others are wondering, we have stated within the promotion details that we will be supplying fliers to the children after the 2-hour innings. This will be the ticket to determine when we pay our $20 per booking funds back to schools or after school cares. Now feeling a bit creative, we have created 4 different types of fliers to choose from. And also, if you like us to place a “logo” of the school or after school care institution on the flier itself, please provide us with your logo of choice. We will be honoured to place them on the flier directly to represent your school.

See below for the 4 different fliers:

Now in case, you stumbled upon this page wondering what we do, head on over to our Trailer information page, we describe how awesome this game truck can be for your next upcoming event. Or if your keen on some laser tag action or perhaps need a DJ, then head over to our laser tag page or our trusty DJ page to gain more information. Don’t forget that we’re also providing a FREE shirt and ghostly wristbands for every confirmed booked event. For more information in regards to the shirts and wristbands please head over to our official opening page.

Need to know our pricing and combo deals, head over to our bookings and pricing page.

Thank you for visiting, we hope to hear from you soon 🙂

Hello Everyone

Just like to provide a small update that we are now officially opening in early April 2018 this year. There have been some minor setbacks in receiving our new “awesome” game trailer, but from now we have some dates locked in!! The Video Game Party trailer will be officially built and ready to ship over to Australia in mid-February, and once arrived we will be installing all the consoles, TV’s and the promotional wrap around the trailer. Here at Ghostly Games, we’re just super excited to see this beast in action!

Here are some pictures of the Trailer in the USA.



And yes, still empty inside 🙁

Now on the side note, we have some awesome goodies which will be included with every Video Game Party booked with us. When you book a party, everyone within the party will receive one of these pretty nifty looking Ghostly Games wristbands each. Just to remember us by 🙂

But that’s not all. We also give one Ghostly Games shirt to our guest of honour! Cool huh?

Yes, there is our logo and website on the back in case your wondering.

Shirts look great on families too, but you can see it is a tad large for the youngsters.


If your part of a school, please look over at our School Fundraising program or Vacation Care program.The program is designed for your school not to pay a thing for our trailer to come by, we just want the public to enjoy and spread the word! This deal is definitely still open to all schools in Brisbane, so please contact us to ask any questions you might have.

We will keep you posted with any other updates as they arise. For now, time to keep them game installs going :/



Hello Everyone

Just informing that our team will be away on holidays from the 13th of December till the end of 2017. We will be back and ready to organise and make awesome video game events happen in Brisbane at the start of the new year. Feel free to use our contact us page to forward your enquiries across, we will try our best to respond in a timely matter. Otherwise, you can still use the booking application to still reserve your date for your next event.

We wish you all a Very Mery Christmas and the happiest new year for everybody.

Love from the Ghostly Games Team