We still currently have promotions in play where we are offering Schools and After School Care centres an opportunity to have our amazing game trailer to entertain children for 2 hours absolutely free!! If you’re still interested in this deal please don’t hesitate and contact us right now! We have a lot more information in regards to the promotions with the following links below:

Now in case, others are wondering, we have stated within the promotion details that we will be supplying fliers to the children after the 2-hour innings. This will be the ticket to determine when we pay our $20 per booking funds back to schools or after school cares. Now feeling a bit creative, we have created 4 different types of fliers to choose from. And also, if you like us to place a “logo” of the school or after school care institution on the flier itself, please provide us with your logo of choice. We will be honoured to place them on the flier directly to represent your school.

See below for the 4 different fliers:

Now in case, you stumbled upon this page wondering what we do, head on over to our Trailer information page, we describe how awesome this game truck can be for your next upcoming event. Or if your keen on some laser tag action or perhaps need a DJ, then head over to our laser tag page or our trusty DJ page to gain more information. Don’t forget that we’re also providing a FREE shirt and ghostly wristbands for every confirmed booked event. For more information in regards to the shirts and wristbands please head over to our official opening page.

Need to know our pricing and combo deals, head over to our bookings and pricing page.

Thank you for visiting, we hope to hear from you soon 🙂