Hello Everyone

Just like to provide a small update that we are now officially opening in early April 2018 this year. There have been some minor setbacks in receiving our new “awesome” game trailer, but from now we have some dates locked in!! The Video Game Party trailer will be officially built and ready to ship over to Australia in mid-February, and once arrived we will be installing all the consoles, TV’s and the promotional wrap around the trailer. Here at Ghostly Games, we’re just super excited to see this beast in action!

Here are some pictures of the Trailer in the USA.



And yes, still empty inside 🙁

Now on the side note, we have some awesome goodies which will be included with every Video Game Party booked with us. When you book a party, everyone within the party will receive one of these pretty nifty looking Ghostly Games wristbands each. Just to remember us by 🙂

But that’s not all. We also give one Ghostly Games shirt to our guest of honour! Cool huh?

Yes, there is our logo and website on the back in case your wondering.

Shirts look great on families too, but you can see it is a tad large for the youngsters.


If your part of a school, please look over at our School Fundraising program or Vacation Care program.The program is designed for your school not to pay a thing for our trailer to come by, we just want the public to enjoy and spread the word! This deal is definitely still open to all schools in Brisbane, so please contact us to ask any questions you might have.

We will keep you posted with any other updates as they arise. For now, time to keep them game installs going :/